With More Than 30 Years of Plumbing Experience

We offer a wide range of plumbing services and perform timely, high-quality services for your residential, commercial and industrial needs. Our competitive rates and quick response times allow us to assist you with an extensive variety of services in Kempton Park and surrounding areas.

Just Drains is highly qualified and motivated, highly recommended and favoured and we thrive in high pressure environments. We are deadline driven. Just Drains is honest, ethical and reliable!

  • Blocked Drains
  • Roto Rooter
  • Leak Detection
  • Jet Cleaning
  • Water Leaks & Burst Pipes
  • Drain Camera Inspections
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Plumbing
  • Water Tank Installations (Jojo Tanks)
  • Geyser Repairs

  • VAT Registered
  • Health & Safety File
  • Registered with Workmanship's Compensation
If you need any emergency plumbing service, simply call our emergency number
084 077 9522
Affiliations and Qualifications

PIRB Registered
Plumbing Industry Registration Board

Certificate of compliance upon request (coc)
Licensed plumber

IOPSA Registered
The Institute of Plumbing SA

Our Range of Specialised Equipment

CCTV Drain Camera

We have an excellent drain camera which we do perform when the drain constantly blocks up. It records as you feed it through in order for us to burn a disc and give you a copy so you can see exactly what is going on. This will show whether the drain is; collapsed / broken / Blocked due to roots

Megajet / High Pressure Jetting

Our Megajet is highly effective for clearing pipes from 75mm – 400mm. This machine is used to great effect of grease, oils, fat, sand and roots in sewers, factories, abattoirs etc.

  • SANS 10252-2 - Drainage Installations
  • We are fully equipped with all the right equipment in order to clear your drain
  • No drain too big or too small
  • We have a variety of drain cleaning machines to suit your needs

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is used to accurately pinpoint the source of the most difficult leaks. By sensing infrared vitality often associated with moisture, our top of the range, thermal imaging cameras allow us to see behind walls and into ceilings and floors.

Pipe Locating

Pipe locating is to locate and repair burst or leaking pipes. This also assists in finding manhole covers that may be buried and to determine the positon of the water leak.

Leak Detection

Leak detection service and smart leak detection equipment to detect a hidden leak. With our highly specialised equipment and water leak detection services combined and our plumbing repair service, we have saved homeowners, commercial building owners and landlords a fortune by stopping endless litres of water from draining away.